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We specialize in the development and production of customer-specific, CE/TÜV-compliant electronics for radio remote control units and controllers for home, household and industry. You can expect the full range of modern electronics services from us. Nowadays, our customers are global leaders in the market. In close collaboration with you, we design products that are tailored exactly to your needs.

Our global business relationships enable us to purchase all components at optimal prices. The benefit is yours, since this always ensures the best possible terms with regard to the end product.

  • Innovation

    E25Q - Standard Radio Receiver (1 / 4 Channel)

    E25Q - Standard Radio Receiver (1 / 4 Channel)

    1 or 4 channels in housing, 230V AC, with staircase lighting timer function, QuickLearn, standby < 0.5W 

made in Germany

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