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Radio remote control units, gate controllers and industrial electronics by Dickert Electronic come centrally from Hesse.

Hans Dickert initially founded the company in 1984 as a small engineering firm in a private house. Since then, Dickert Electronic has experienced continual growth. In 1992, the company relocated to the new 500 m2 building in Cölbe-Schönstadt. In 1997, the company was transformed into a limited liability company. As early as 1998, further expansion to 1,500 m2 was required. Regular investment in state-of-the art technologies and plants as well as considerable capacity expansion also characterized the following years.

One of the focal points of development and production is remote control units in frequencies 27/40/433/868MHz and 2.4GHz. Today, around 300,000 handheld transmitters in more than 300 different variants leave our factory every year. Customer-specific design in form, colour, logo, coding, packaging and labelling make the handheld transmitters individual, incomparable for end customers and, in this way, ensure the spare parts business. A modern range of measuring instruments up to 7 GHz are available for standard-compliant development.

In collaboration with Europe-wide customers, CE-compliant and TÜV-compliant controllers are developed and produced for yard gates and garage doors, rolling shutter gates, light technology as well as for house and garden technology. The modern machinery pool and the deliberately large stock levels enable the company to react flexibly and at short notice to customer requests. An important ingredient of success, particularly in the current climate! Ever more sensitive electronic structures are protected against humidity and dirt particles by means of fully automatic, selective film coating.

Purchase volumes and global purchasing enable us to provide the best possible terms for our products.

60 perfectly trained and long-serving employees provide the basis of our success. Sales of around 6 million euro are mainly achieved through customer-specific development and production for commercial purchasers. The company is a Chamber of Commerce and Industry training institution and trains "Electronic Engineers for Devices and Systems" as well as  "Skilled Industrial Packers". The son, Martin Dickert (Dipl.-Ing. Microelectronics), who is already active in the company as a managing partner, is ready to take over.

Dickert is also active in environmental protection matters. Since 2008, we have been producing around 25% of our electricity by means of our own 40KWp photovoltaic plant. The production area is currently being extended and production capacity will be doubled by the end of the year.

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Source: Zeitung Tür Tor Fenster Report

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