Fire Brigade Partner

Award: (from the left) Volker Carle, District Fire Inspector, company directors Martin and Hans Dickert, Robert Fischbach, (at the back from the left) Municipality Fire Inspector Volker Vincon, as well as company employees Harald Michel, Dennis Korn and Rainer Lehsau. Source: Marburger Neue Zeitung, dated 29 October 2008 (Photo: Heiko Krause)

Company Supports Fire Brigade's Work 

Dickert Electronics receives plaque in recognition of support

Cölbe-Schönstadt(kse). As Dickert Electronics in Schönstadt particularly supports the work of the voluntary fire brigade, it has been awarded the "Partner of the Fire Brigade" plaque. District Administrator Robert Fischbach (CDU) thanked managing directors Hans and Martin Dickert for regularly releasing five active employees from their duties so as to enable them to participate in operations and further training.  

Fischbach emphasized that the plaque was a symbol of gratitude to companies that supported the interests of the voluntary fire brigade. The five fire brigade members from Cölbe, Marburg, Gilserberg, Wetter and Wohratal were, he said, allowed to leave their place of work at any time in a case of emergency. This involvement, he continued, was necessary to ensure the fire services' full operational readiness. They needed to be on site, he said, within ten minutes in an emergency, day and night.  

Release for further training

District Fire Inspector Lars Schäfer pointed out "that the fire brigade can only help if it is allowed to help". The work would be impossible without voluntary fire brigade members, he said, adding that it was not financially possible to fulfil tasks only with full-time members. He said that further training was often only possible during the week, so to ensure a well trained fire service it was all the more important for companies to release their employees for this. Cölbes Mayor Volker Carle (non-party), who had prompted the award, praised the company's social commitment. He said that, on the other hand, it also benefited from the sense of responsibility acquired from the fire brigade and the employees' readiness for action. Releasing employees from their duties is a matter of course for Managing Director Hans Dickert: “If we expect help, we need to support our employees' work for the fire brigade", he said.

Source: Oberhessische Presse

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