SMD Production Capacity Doubled

Glance at the newly designed production area.

In the third quarter of 2009, Dickert Electronic decided on a new production line, thereby triggering a EUR 500,000 investment in quality, precision, assembly capacity and the future of the site. Walls were taken down, the production area enlarged and new ESD floor covering laid, which protects the electronics from static load. An icy day in January saw the delivery of the new machinery, which was transported to its installation location by means of air cushion technology. A circuit board output station, which is used to channel the blank PCBs from a stack of from a store to the reflow or glue dot printer, is located at the beginning of each of the henceforth two redundant SMD lines. The fully automatic printers of type EKRA E5 align themselves exactly to < 15 micrometres using a camera system and fiduciary marks, print automatically and clean the print template after an adjustable number of cycles. The frameless board proceeds from here to the MIMOT MX SMD pick-and-place machine. All established SMD components of size 01005 to 55x55mm are taken from rollers, rods or trays here, measured optically and placed with 35 micrometre precision. Two independent assembly portals, each with four vacuum heads, carry out the precision work in the MX. Intelligent electronics feeders, a highly flexible set-up concept and the multi-level bypass transport system ensure that downtime remains an extremely rare event at Dickert Electronic.

CB output station with EKRA E5                   Mimot pick-and-placer MX in operation

The commissioning phase has been completed and all machines carry out their work very reliably and robustly. This has enabled the SMD assembly capacity to be increased to up to 40,000 components an hour (actual output), while providing sufficient reserves for new and additional orders.

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