E18 - Upgrade for GTA Radio Receiver (1-Channel)

The E18 series can be supplied in 12V and 24V AC/DC models. The potential-free relay output gives the receiver great versatility. The radio receiver has several operating modes that can be selected. In addition to the normal switch functions, it also has switch-off timer, e.g. for a staircase lighting control system.


  • 1-channel radio receiver can be supplied in 868 MHz, 12V or 24V
  • Operating modes: Pulse, surge, targeted ON/OFF
  • Switch-off timer, configurable from around 1 second to around 18 hours
  • Relay output, max. 24V/2A closing contact, potential-free


E18-868A100 E18-868A100


Reception frequency: 868.30 MHz/AM
Reception channels: 1-channel receiver
Coding: 12-bit, 18-bit, or Keeloq, self-learning, max. 13 codes (transmitter keys) can be taught in
Operating voltage: 12 V or 24 V AC/DC, ± 10% (see receiver label)
Standby: < 1W
Output: 1 closing contact max. 24V/2 A ohmic load, potential-free
Operating temperature: -20° C up to +70° C at 35% to 85% relative humidity
Dimensions: approx. 46 mm x 46 mm x 21 mm, plastic housing, IP 20 (mounting straps can be broken off)
Weight: approx. 35 g
Ident: 11036111 ; 11036114


  • Order no. / EAN (GTIN)

    868 MHz 24V AC/DC

    868 MHz 12V AC/DC

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