E20 - Socket Receiver (1-Channel)

Do you have a garage door drive without a radio remote control unit?

Is your transmitter defective and no longer available? No problem! The 'E20' socket receiver will give you a door drive with radio remote control in next to no time.

Convenience that is not only appreciated in bad weather!


  • 1-channel socket receiver in 868 MHz
  • Door drives with radio for upgrading
  • Simplest installation and programming
  • Integrated socket for the garage door drive 
E20-433A1R10 E20-433A1R10


Reception frequency: 433.92 MHz/AM
Reception channels: 1-channel receiver
Coding: 12-bit, 18-bit, or Keeloq, self-learning, max. 13 codes (transmitter keys) can be taught in
Antenna: integrated (no ext. antenna required)
Operating voltage: 230 V, ± 10% 50 Hz
Standby: < 0.5W (standby mode)
Output-1: Safety socket for the garage door drive (continuous voltage, not switched!), max. 500VA, fuse internal (T3,15A)
Output-2: Relay output, potential-free closing contact, max. 24V / 1A
Operating temperature: -20° C...+35° C at 20%...90% relative humidity, installation permitted only indoors


approx. 96 mm x 64 mm x 49 mm (L x W x H) housing ABS, IP 20, self-extinguishing
Weight: approx. 155 g


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    1-channel socket receiver

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