E19 - Radio Socket (1- Channel)

Switch your devices off simply and conveniently from your armchair! The E19 radio socket makes that easy. Just insert into the socket, teach the transmitter in, plug the device that you want to switch into the E19, done. No matter whether coffee machine, lamps, fountain ... virtually everything is possible. The built-in switch-off timer makes the radio socket eminently suitable for controlling a service water circulation pump. You switch the pump on via radio only when you really need hot water. That saves electricity, the storage tank is cooled down less and you save cash!


  • 1-channel radio socket 230V, in 868 MHz
  • Operating modes: pulse, surge, targeted ON/OFF
  • Switch-off timer, configurable from around 1 second to around 18 hours
  • Relay output, 230V/AC, max. 1000W ohmic load
E19-868A1S00 E19-868A1S00


Reception frequency: 868.30 MHz/AM
Reception channels: 1-channel receiver
Coding: 12-bit, 18-bit, or Keeloq, self-learning, max. 13 codes (transmitter keys) can be taught in
Antenna: integrated (no ext. antenna required)
Operating voltage: 230 V, ± 10% 50 Hz
Standby: < 0.5W (standby mode)
Output: max. 1,000 W ohmic load, 500 W lamp load, fuse internal (T5A)
Switch-off timer: programmable from 1s... around 18h, in 1s increments
Operating temperature: -20° C...+35° C at 20%...90% relative humidity, installation permitted only indoors
Dimensions: approx. 96 mm x 64 mm x 49 mm (L x W x H) housing ABS, IP 20, self-extinguishing
Weight: approx. 155 g


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    1-channel socket receiver

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