HS868 - Oval Handheld Transmitters (4-Channel)

The HS868-00 works according to the modern KeeLoq method. Each time it is actuated, a new code is calculated. In normal use, it takes over 20 years for a code to be repeated!

The HS868-21, with coding switch, allows you to set 1,024 different security codes. Equally, you can also set the same code for several transmitters in order to control the same receiver with all the transmitters. If you leave all switches on the coding switch on “ON”, the transmitter works with one of 262,000 possible codes consecutively programmed ex-factory.


  • Blue LED for battery and transmission control
  • Compatible with our 868 MHz radio receivers
  • Exempt from registration and from charges! Approval according to ETS 300 220
  • KeeLoq coding or 10-pin coding switch
HS868-21 HS868-21


Transmission frequency: 868.30 MHz, amplitude-shift keying 'ASK'
Transmission channels: 4 channels
Coding: Without coding switch = KeeLoq, hopping / rolling code with coding switch = 262,000 possibilities, consecutively programmed ex-factory, or 1,024 freely configurable.
Range: up to 75 m in a free field
Operating voltage: 6 V (2x CR2032 lithium button cell)
Power consumption: typically 25 mA in transmit mode
Operating temperature: -20° C up to +60° C at 30% to 80% relative humidity
Dimensions: 78 mm x 45 mm x 17 mm, without key ring
Weight: approx. 30 g including batteries
Ident: 11034105




Note: The HS868 requires two batteries

3V Battery

Spare Battery

  • Order no. / EAN (GTIN)

    KeeLoq (without coding switch), key colour 'blue', LED 'blue'

    LinearCode (with coding switch), key colour 'ruby-red', LED 'blue'

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