S5 - Micro Handheld Transmitter (2-Channel)

The S5-868A2K00 works according to the modern KeeLoq method. Each time it is actuated, a new code is calculated. In normal use, it takes over 20 years for a code to be repeated!

The S5-868A2L00 with one of the 262,000 possible codes that are consecutively programmed ex-factory. This is an 18-bit linear code that cannot be changed.


  • With key fob, “ultra” light, top design
  • Compatible with our 868 MHz AM radio receivers
  • Exempt from registration and from charges! Approval according to ETS 300 220
  • KeeLoq coding or 18-bit linear code
S5-868A2L00 S5-868A2L00


Transmission frequency: 868.30 MHz, amplitude-shift keying 'ASK'
Transmission channels: 2
Coding: S5-868A2K00: KeeLoq, hopping / rolling code
S5-868A2L00: 1 code from 262,000 possibilities, programmed ex-factory
Range: up to 50 m in a free field
Operating voltage: 3 V (1x CR2032 lithium button cell)
Power consumption: typically 15 mA in transmit mode
Operating temperature: -20° C up to +60° C at 30% to 80% relative humidity
Dimensions: 50 mm x 24 mm x 12 mm, without key ring
Weight: approx. 12 g including battery
Ident: 11034104



3V Battery

Spare Battery

  • Order no. / EAN (GTIN)

    KeeLoq, key colour 'blue'

    LinearCode, key colour 'ruby-red'

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