Our products are being continually further developed and adapted to our customers' requirements. This section contains an overview of all innovations.


ISN - Industrie-Handsender (1.000 Kanal)

Keine Übersetzung vohanden.1.000 Kanal oder 15 Direkttasten, 4xAA Batterien, inkl. Halterung


Keine Übersetzung vohanden.4 Kanal, Frequenz beachten 868,5MHz!

E30Q - retrofit GTA radio receiver (1 channel)

1 channel, 12V to 24V AC / DC, relay potential-free

HQAM Smart - wireless smartphone module

HF / BT-Modul


Radio station module / additional card for RTS20Q

Weller - MT87A3

4 channel, frequency 868.5 MHz note!

DZS25 - Ceiling Pull Transmitter (1-Channel)

1-channel radio ceiling pull transmitter

Cut-off relay

...suppress up to 4 long control lines

E27Q - Mini Radio Receiver (2-Channel)

2-channel AM radio receiver

E22Q - Mini Radio Receiver (4-Channel)

4 channels in a compact housing, 12-24V AC/DC, QuickLearn

E28Q - Radio Receiver for Feig Door Controllers (2-Channel)

suitable for Feig Electronic 'Tricon' and 'Relcon' controllers.

RTS20Q - Rolling Shutter Gate Controller

For 230V AC motors with limit switch, SE evaluation, pre-limit switch input, standby <0.5W - certified by the TÜV -


including 5m cable, suitable for RTS20Q

Code Locks

including 5m cable, suitable for RTS20Q

EXL Professional

Backup software for the EXL

E25Q - Standard Radio Receiver (1 / 4 Channel)

1 or 4 channels in housing, 230V AC, with staircase lighting timer function, QuickLearn, standby < 0.5W 


Add-on card / functional enhancement

S8Q - High-Gloss Handheld Transmitter (4 / 15 Channel)

4 or 15-channel transmitter, compact design
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