HQAM Smart - wireless smartphone module

The wireless smartphone module unites the wireless and smartphone worlds. The old radio module HQAM868 or 433 can simply be replaced by the new one. All already taught-in remote controls remain active and do not need to be learned again. This makes it easy to turn a simple controller / receiver into smart electronics.

In our little video we show you how easy it is to replace the wireless module:



  • Radio combination module
  • Frequency adjustable by key
    868.30 MHz (red LED)
    433.92 MHz (green LED)
  • Controllable via smartphone app
  • Easy replacement of the previous wireless module
  • Backwards compatible with many old controllers / receivers
  • Registration and free of charge!
  • Prerequisite: Bluetooth-enabled iOS or Android smartphone
HQAM-Smart HQAM-Smart


Sendefrequenz: 868,30 und 433,92 MHz, Amplitude Shift Keying "ASK"
Frequenz durch Taste umschaltbar (Standard 868MHz)
Sendekanäle: 4 Kanäle / 4 Tasten in App
Pro eingelernte Taste / Handy wird ein Speicherplatz in der Steuerung oder Empfänger belegt
Codierung: KeeLoq, Hopping / Wechsel-Code oder 
LinearCode in App einstellbar 
Betriebstemperatur: -20° C bis +60° C bei 30 % bis 80 % rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit
Abmessung: 41 mm x 25 mm x 6 mm



  • Order no. / EAN (GTIN)

    Wireless smartphone module incl. 'Wire antenna'
    individual packaging

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