DCM31 - Motor Controller

The DCM31 is a modern 24 V/DC motor controller with micro-controller and gentle start-up and stop. The controller can be used for 1-winged or 2-winged swing, tilt, up-and-over or sliding gates. Limit switches are required for operation. an external 24 V toroid power transformer undertakes the motor voltage supply.


  • 24 programmable menus, for functions, see the operating instructions
  • Integrated radio receiver for plug-in radio module in various frequencies
  • Power shut-off via power supply value adjustable via current measurement
  • Security strip evaluation 8K2, OSE or switch strip
  • Light barrier connection functions can be selected
  • Light/warning light output function can be selected
  • Automatic closing configurable up to max. 15 minutes
  • Inactive leaf / part opening function
DCM31-03 DCM31-03


Operating voltage: 230 V ±10% 50 Hz
Outputs: Motor M1 / M2, max. 11 A DC, light/warning light 230 V/AC max. 500 W, external devices 12 V/DC controlled, max. 40 mA and 15 V/DC uncontrolled, max. 100 mA, relay output potential-free closing contact, max. 24 V / 4 A
Inputs: Limit switch, emergency stop, light barrier input, safety bar input 8K2 or OSE, input A (pulse/open), input B (part opening/inactive leaf/closed), antenna input
Slots: Bush bar 15-pin for radio module and 2x10-pin socket connector for external radio receiver
Power consumption: Standby: 3 W with radio module, without external consumers
Connection: Screw terminals, max 4 qmm
Operating temperature: -20° C up to +50° C at 30% to 80% relative humidity
Dimensions: 255 mm x 176 mm x 80 mm plastic housing, IP54
Weight: approx. 3.1 kg



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Light Barriers

Through-beam light barrier, retro-reflective light barrier

Rod Antennae

for 868 MHz, 433 MHz, 40 MHz and 27 MHz

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    Controller with MO200 housing and 300 VA / 24 V transformer  

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