SLE10 - Installation of FM Radio Receiver (4 Channel)

The SLE10 series provides great versatility due to a wide operating voltage range and 'open collector' output. The receiver is available as an open circuit board with both 'pulse function' and 'special functions'.

Pulse function:

  • The output switches as long as the transmitter key is actuated.

Special functions:

  • Pulse output switches as long as the transmitter key is actuated
  • Surge: 1st command = ON, 2nd command = OFF, 3rd command = ON ...
  • Targeted ON: command from, say, key-1 = ON
  • Targeted OFF: command from, say, key-2 = OFF


  • 1-channel or 4-channel 40.685 MHz FM radio receiver
  • 4.7 million coding possibilities, self-learning
  • Compatible with FHS10 / FHS20 FM handheld transmitters
  • Reception control via LED
SLE10-51 SLE10-51


Reception frequency: 40.685 MHz, frequency modulation 'FM'
Reception channels: 1-channel or 4-channel receiver
Coding: 387 million, self-learning, max. 30 codes (transmitter keys) can be taught in
Operating voltage: 8...18 V/DC
Standby: typically 15 mA
Output: Open collector Umax 45 V/DC, Imax 100 mA (NPN transistor)
Connection:  10-pin angled contact strip on the assembly side, RM 2,54 mm, antenna connection via screw terminal
Operating temperature: -20° C up to +70° C at 30% to 80% relative humidity
Dimension: 55 mm x 60 mm x 18 mm
Weight: approx. 54 g including cube antenna



Rod Antennae

for 868 MHz, 433 MHz, 40 MHz and 27 MHz

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    4-channel model, pulse function

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